Thông tin tuyển dụng công ty TNHH Arrive Technologies Việt Nam T1/2018


13th month salary, Project/performance bonus, Coffee, Milk Break, Team building are the refreshments
Diversified Healthcare programs: Annual checkup, Medical insurance, Personal accident insurance
Working in global environment with overseas clients and technical experts in latest technologies


– Studying telecom standards relating functions of Arrive’s products (Chips) such as: Next-gen SONET/SDH, Data Encapsulation (ATM/HDLC/GFP), L2+Packet Switching, Emulation Services (CES/Packet Pseudowires).
– Doing testing on telecom tester systems and evaluation platforms of the company.
– Doing test procedures for chip’s functions on Arrive’s evaluation platforms.
– Writing testing programs or testing procedures on SDK for Arrive’s product (chips) testing.
– Doing customer online/onsite support.

**Working conditions:
– To work at Building, PCs with strong configuration, modern lab (telecoms equipments and embedded systems in MAN/WAN networks, etc…)
– Offered competitive salary rate
– Dinner & parking allowance at since probation time
– Other allowances: transportation, lunch, health insurance at international hospitals located in Viet Nam (such as Phap Viet, Colombia, An Sinh,..)

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– BS/MS in Telecommunication/Electric-Electronics/IT/Software/ Physics.
– Experienced in C/C++ programming language.
– Familiar with Window/Linux system.asb
– Ability to understand technical English.
– Good technical English writing.
– Ability to work under high pressure and teamwork as well.

– Knowledge of scripts: Perl, C-Shell, Bash-Shell, TCL, Python, ….
– Knowledge of Sonet/SDH and Packet networks.

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