Regulations “Considering program transfer for candidates matriculating at university level in 2022”

1. Subjects candidates can apply for program transfer

Candidates who have been admitted to the university of the full-time program of the general program for the 2022 intake class at the University of Natural Sciences if they wish to be considered for another program (Advanced, High Quality) in the same industry/group You may apply for a program transfer if the following conditions are met:

a) Candidates complete the procedures for admission confirmation and admission for the majors and programs they have been admitted to according to regulations. 

b) Candidates must meet the admission requirements of the industry and program corresponding to the selection method in the same enrollment course;

c) Only consider transferring the program from the Mass program to the Advanced and High-quality program in the same discipline/group of training majors. Depending on the specific case, the Principal considers changing the program in the opposite direction.

2. Criteria for considering major change

Based on the admission criteria and conditions for participating in the consideration of program transfer in Section 1 of this regulation, the Rector and the Dean of the Faculty in charge of the program or branch of training consider and decide to transfer the program according to the following criteria: :

– Consider changing majors based on test scores of international English language certificates from high to low.

– Combine the admission score review with each selection method.

3. Process of processing applications for consideration of program transfer

– Step 1: Candidates submit an application at the Training Office (according to the form of the School of XET CHUYEN CHUONG TRINH 2022. Mau don).

– Step 2: The Training Department and faculties coordinate to review and complete the list to be transferred to the program according to the attached process.

– Step 3: Faculty will announce the results of the program transfer and guide to study according to the transferred program.

– Step 4: Candidates who are considered for program transfer must pay additional tuition fees to the School according to the instructions.

– Step 5: The Department of Planning and Finance confirms the list of candidates paying additional tuition fees to the Training Department to complete the program transfer procedure.

– Step 6: The Training Department completes the procedure for transferring the program to the candidates.


For specific Decisions and Regulations, see QD1530_Quy dinh xet chuyen chuong trinh nam 2022