Telecommunications – Networks bring significant value, improving the quality of life through connecting devices to the telecommunications network such as mobile phones, computers, and many IoT devices. This field always needs high-quality human resources to constantly improve techniques, design, operate, and optimize telecommunication-network systems. The Department of Telecommunications – Networks trains students to become outstanding Bachelor of Science to work in Telecommunication-Network Service Providers, Solutions Companies in the design and provide telecommunications networks, or continue their graduate education locally and abroad.
Our department has a staff of highly qualified, well-trained lecturers who are always dedicated to imparting knowledge, skills, and career orientation to students. Lecturers have had many scientific publications, conducted many scientific research projects, and cooperated with businesses.

Undergraduate Program
After basic knowledge of electronics, principles of communication and networking, and programming skills at the foundation knowledge stage, the specialized curriculum of the Department includes closely related majors:
  • Digital, Wireless, and Mobile communication systems: provide knowledge about telecommunications network infrastructure including digital communication, wireless communication, mobile, satellite, digital TV, antenna and wave transmission.
  • Network Technology and Security: provide knowledge about switching, routing, network technologies, network administration, network security, telecommunications networks, optical networks
  • Career skills and new trends in the field of telecommunications-network: telecommunications programming skills, mobile application development, application of machine learning in telecommunications-network, IoT communication technology, internship.
In addition to integrating skills in lifelong learning, writing and presenting technical reports, problem-solving, and innovative-creative thinking, the Department also instructs students about entrepreneurship in the last year.

Research Area

  • Advanced wireless communication technology
  • Industrial communication engineering and IoT applications
  • Network management and optimization.
  • Application of machine learning in improving the quality and capacity of telecommunication-network systems.

Students majoring in Telecommunications – Networks will practice on specialized equipment and systems; specialized test kits and measurement devices:
  • Mobile Telecom Trainer MT3000: An experiment equipment to educate basic concept of the Full Duplex wireless system and Mobile telecommunication.
  • NI Digital Communications Teaching Bundle: A software-defined RF architecture to rapidly design, prototype, and deploy wireless systems with custom signal processing.
  • Cisco Practical Lab System includes Routers, Switches, Wireless routers, Firewalls, Servers for practicing networking and security skills.
  • Antenna Training System Scientech: A student friendly trainer kit for studying characteristics of different antennas.
  • Experimental boards: Raspberry Pi 4 boards and data transfer modules Lora SX126X HAT.
  • Tektronix Arbitrary Function Generator, Advantest Spectrum Analyzer, Agilent Digital Oscilloscope.
In parallel, there are specialized software to simulate, measure and evaluate the quality of telecommunication-network systems.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can choose from the following career paths:

  • Working at telecommunications service providers such as Viettel, VNPT, FPT, etc.
  • Working for design companies that partner with telecommunications equipment manufacturers: DEK, TMA, Cisco, …
  • Companies providing solutions, designing, and deploying telecommunication-network infrastructures for businesses: HPT, Sao Bac Dau, …
  • Large organizations that have their own telecommunication network infrastructure such as governments, banks, large corporations, etc.
  • Or study abroad for postgraduated studies in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Korea, etc.

Many alumni of the Department are holding highly specialized positions at large telecommunications companies in Vietnam, others are working at companies or universities abroad such as in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, etc.

Room E106, 227 Nguyen Van Cu, Ward 4, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City