Thông báo tuyển dụng Kỹ sư/Cử nhân thiết kế vi mạch làm việc tại Công ty Microchip

Job Description:

· Design and verify the analog-mixed signal blocks as well as the fullchip IP Macro to meet the requirements.

· Collaborate closely with Layout designer for the block layout quality and chip completion.

· Understand the technology, device reliability, testing and silicon debug are positive qualifications.


· BS or MS in Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Semiconductor courses preferred.

· Strong background in CMOS Theory, Semiconductor Physics and Logical Analytics.

· Basic knowledge about IC design industry is a plus.

· Familiar with Linux environment and using Digital/Analog circuit design tools is a plus.

· Fluency in English communication is a plus.

· Professional ethic and team player.

· No restriction to any country with Microchip’s presence.

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