Ojectives of the Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering Programme (Updated)

The objectives of the Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering Programme are to produce graduates with the following competencies:
1. Core competency: Graduates have ability to provide engineering solutions with a solid foundation of Mathematics, Science and Technology, module domain knowledge for the field of Electronics & Telecommunications and allied disciplines.
2. Technical proficiency: Graduates are capable of synergizing theoretical and practical skills, applying the appropriate methodology, critical thinking and design techniques, and state of the art technology to solve practical engineering problems in specific jobs, or higher education, scientific research, industrial research and development.
3. Cognitive skills: Graduates have capabilities of working independently as well as together in groups into a high-quality pressured environment, or working effectively in diverse and multidisciplinary tasks independently, developing and integrating into a high-quality job market.
4. Attitude and awareness: Graduates have a solid understanding of professional, ethical and responsibilities. Graduates also engage in continuing educational/professional, life-long learning.